A pictorial novel set in Napa Valley, Ca

While going through some photos, I took in the beautiful little town of Calistoga California I was inspired and given the idea to use my pictures to tell a story. The character Celest was born in that instant.

I don’t know where the story will go, how long it be,  or even when it will end.

That makes it more exciting to me. Here’s what I know about it so far.

Celest grew up in Calistoga with her eccentric single mother, Yvonne. When Celest was ten years old, she crashed her sparkly pink bicycle into a parked Mercedes and got scruffed up a bit. That’s where she meets the man telling this story.

I don’t know his name yet but I do know he was eleven at the time of their meeting, our protagonist and two of his buddies help her to get home after her accident and they all become inseparable, that is until the summer she turns sixteen. That’s when Celest’s mom lands a role in a Hollywood movie and drives them both away in a rented silver Jaguar. I don’t know how many years have passed, but I do know Celest is engaged to be married to the prominent son of an ambassador and has mysteriously shown up in town alone without telling anyone why she is there. While in town Celest is staying in a quiet bohemian white bungalow at a resort called Indian Springs in the heart of Calistoga and guarding a secret, one she may no longer be able to keep.

The vision I have for Celest’s story is to tell it one small piece at a time (through his eyes) publically in a post card format I’m calling―pictorial novel posts. I will create the physical post cards using Canva and possibly place them in boutique settings in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas to sell. I think it would be lovely and interesting to share the ongoing story with locals and folks visiting from all over the world. At the same time, I will also be periodically sharing the process of their story online here at my site. I don’t know where this story will go or where it will end, but I would love to share the process of how this all works out with my family and friends and those I meet along the way.

Thank’s for visiting my site!

Favor in all of your lives and with much love,

Ruth Young

Below is the link for the first draft postcard in the series.

Copy of Copy of Celest



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