Elegant Earth for Natural Healing

You are here because you are supposed to be here. You want to be healed. You want to help someone else, someone you love dearly to heal. We are here because we want to use God’s word to change our lives. We hold on to the scriptures we have heard and we tell ourselves “We shall live, and not die.” When we get desperate enough, we will seek help and then be willing to do whatever it takes to be free of sickness and disease. Even if it means walking barefoot on the wet grass, making tinctures out of plants, and turning off the television. Can this blog save everyone in need of being saved? No! Only Jesus saves. But there is wisdom here. Knowledge gleaned from many Holy healers will be tried and expressed simply so that everyone can share in the process of preparing for the ultimate earthly journey. The journey to healing in body, mind, and spirit takes time and quiet patience. After we find we have survived and been made whole, then we decide if we are willing to become a member of The Medicine Tribe. The first thing to do right now is to forgive.

Forgive all,



 Forgive and be forgiven.

This opens the door for you. So don’t be stingy in the forgiveness because this is your foundation and you want it to be firm. Ponder this for a while. Learn to sit still and be quiet. God Bless you for being here, I pray you live to see the fruits of this; your labor of love.


To be re-wilded we must wake up, look away from the noisy screens we use to fill our days and nights and remember walking in the wilderness, forest, or nearby woods. Always ending up by bodies of moving water like the closest creeks, rivers, and streams is a good sign. We find we are drawn naturally to things we see in nature. Everything in nature and creation has a purpose and a rightful place. One example of nature as a teacher is the shed or lost feather we find on the ground. Contemplate the first flight, the winds it has been battered against or the heights it has soared upon and the feather becomes a symbolic tool that can be used for healing, prayerful covering and to remember the importance of birds in our journey in this life where we can not fly but must walk our own path. God used a raven to feed Elijah. That is strong medicine if we believe it. This is where the paths converge and become one. Creator and creation teach us how to heal ourselves. After many days of listening to the Holy Spirit, we find that we have healed and become Medicine People with the knowledge to help others still suffering. Now we are One Tribe.

The privilege of keeping sacred healing knowledge has come full circle. With the Creator’s love, it must now be shared. The human health crisis has covered the earth. All of Father’s creation cries for healing. This is the season for The Medicine People to become one tribe